Colour Consultation

Why Do You Need A Colour Consultation For Your Home?

For anybody trying to sell a home or even spruce up the look of their house, a professional colour consultation can be a worthwhile investment.

If you choose Dave Rowe Painter & Decorator to carry out your painting and decorating we can organise a Colour Consultation* with a fully qualified Consultant.

How Does a Colour Consultant Work?

A meeting will take place at your home or office lasting approximately 1-2 hours to determine your desired outcome. Following the initial discussion, you will recieve a complete colour specification; taking into consideration your:

  • Environment
  • Furnishings
  • Personality, and
  • Style

Colour psychology is employed to ensure the colours are appropriate for the use of space and the users of the space. Large colour samples are also provided to help you visualise the final outcome and for use when shopping for furniture or accessories.

Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips

#1: Get Your Contrast Right

It is important to have contrast to define your chosen colours from one another.

#2: Add Texture

Adding texture helps to make the room more interesting and exciting. You can keep the same colours throughout but different textures will add a bit of excitement to your space.

#3: Don’t be Afraid of Colour!

Colour can help to create and set moods. Use bright colours to lighten up spaces and make them feel fresh and vibrant.

#4: Add Pattern to Your Space

Pattern can have similar effects to adding texture, it can help make the room interesting and exciting but remember to keep it simple – too many patterns in one space can be over powering. It is also important to keep patterns to scale (e.g. if the room is small try and stick to smaller patterns).

#5:Choose to Your Taste.

This is one of the most important rules of design – If you don’t like it then don’t do it!!! If the neighbour, mother-in-law, best friend or cousin likes it, it’s YOU who has to live with it. Go with your gut instinct and do what makes you happy.

 #6: Avoid Trends with Big Ticket Items

That $5000 Hot pink couch with purple polka dots might be in fashion when you buy it but trends change quickly!!

Keep big ticket items simple and use things like cushions or feature walls to bring in new trends, that way they are quick, easy and cheap to change when new trends come in.

#7: Make Sure Your Light is Right!

Lighting has a huge impact on the way you paint and wallpaper will look. Check you light fittings and what colour bulb they have in them – you may need to change bulbs to suit your colour preference.

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*fees may apply for a Colour Consultation