Interior Painting

Interior painting is undoubtedly an art which demands excellent quality. Premium quality is our top priority in everything we do from customer satisfaction to the last brush stroke. We only use quality paint products and expert tools. Years of experience, we understand all of the tricks of the trade and make sure we stay up to date on the newest trends, like eco-friendly products. After the job is finished, we guarantee that your space will certainly be precisely what you wanted.

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Dave Rowe Painter & Decorator’s Interior Painting Process

A lot more goes into a paint job than just opening a can and slapping paint on the wall. In fact, a great paint job is all  about preparation; the actual interior painting is generally the simple part.

Here’s a basic outline of the steps we take to make sure that your paint job is one we can both be proud of.

This is a general outline; your actual procedure may differ slightly depending on the situation or conditions.

Preparing The Room

We will move any remaining furniture to the centre of the room and lay drop cloths and apply plastic sheeting to protect your floors and furniture.

We will remove door knobs, switch and socket plates, and any miscellaneous, easily removed hardware prior to interior painting. Anything that can’t be removed reasonably will be masked.

Preparing the surfaces

We will repair wall and ceiling surface imperfections (nail pops, holes, cracks, etc.) with one or two coats of plaster, depending on severity. For severe stress cracks, we apply fiberglass mesh-tape and plaster.  We then pole sand the entire surface area to smooth out the plaster and remove any bumps.

Interior Painting


We will seal water stains, crayon and ink marks, etc. with an oil-based stain sealer to make sure they won’t bleed through the finish coat.

We will then sand all woodwork to smooth rough edges or imperfections, fill the mouldings wherever necessary, in places such as skirtings, doorframes, etc. Bare wood will be primed accordingly and we sand and dust all woodwork between each coat to promote better adhesion.

Interior Painting

We will then apply your choice of finish coats to walls, ceilings and woodwork. All cut lines between finishes or colours will be sharp and true.

Clean Up

After all interior painting is complete, we’ll clean all work areas: Dust, vacuum, damp sponge hardwood floors, and scrape windows. And we will return the furniture to its original location if required.


We consider this one of the most important parts of the job we will inspect the job and make sure it is to the highest standard.

Not Sure Where To Start With Your Interior Painting Project?

What about getting a colour consultation from an interior designer? They will be able to help you choose the best colours and get the most out of your room.

What colours do you like? What are the new season colours? What colours are going to make your room look bigger or brighter?

Contact Dave Rowe Painter & Decorator and we can organise a colour consultant to get in touch with you for a time to come round and talk. Contact Dave Rowe Painter & Decorator today!

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