Paint Stripping

Dave Rowe Painter & Decorator use The Paintshaver Pro System when paint stripping. The Paintshaver® Pro is the fastest, cleanest, most economical tool for stripping all coatings (including lead paint) from clapboards, shingles, shakes, flat trim, all other flat wood, concrete and fiberglass surfaces.

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The advantages of the using The Paintshaver Pro system are:

  • The Paintshaver Pro System uses no chemicals or heat.
  • The Paintshaver Pro can Safely Strip Lead Based Paint.
  • The Paintshaver Pro collects all dust and debri into a vacuum system for easy and safe disposable.
  • The Paintshaver Pro System gives a superior finish.
  • The Painshaver Pro System saves both time and money.
Dave Rowe Painter & Decorator will also use heat guns and scrapers to get those areas that the Paintshaver Pro System won’t reach.

Check out the video below to see how easy paint stripping is with our system