Why Hire A Painter or Decorator

Why Hire a Painter or DecoratorFor most New Zealand is a  DIY nation. We like to fix our own cars, build our own fences, and even paint our houses.

So why would you think of hiring a painter or decorator for something you can do yourself.

For a start we all have busy lives and hiring a professional to get it done can save a lot of time and headaches.

Dave Rowe Painter and Decorator has a motto:

If You Care What It Looks Like In The End, Call Us In The Beginning

So sure you can paint that renovation yourself, but if you really want the best finish then the professionals are going to do the best job.

So when making your decision to do it yourself or hire a painter or decorator, think about the following…

  • Painting is a skilled trade that requires training and appropriate tools – Professional painters know how to properly prepare the surface, which paints to use in each situation and how to get the job done quickly with minimal disruption. Professional painters also have all the tools required to achieve a quality finish.
  • Painting can be dangerous and/or hazardous – Working on ladders and dealing with solvents and dusts can be hazardous. Older houses may be coated in poisonous lead paints. Professional painters know how to handle these dangerous situations and substances and minimize the risks. They also have the appropriate safety equipment to keep you and your family and themselves safe.
  • Painting requires proper cleanup and disposal – Professional painters will take care of these tasks on your behalf as part of their service.

So taking everything into account it may even work out cheaper to get the professionals in than trying to do it yourself. You will save on time and materials, as well as getting the best possible finish on your job.

So if you want to see a professional finish on your next painting or decorating project give Dave Rowe Painter & Decorator a call.