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Transforming spaces with colour

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, sophistication or a burst of energy, the right colour choices can transform your space into a haven that reflect your desired atmosphere and enhances your wellbeing.

Sunny yellows for optimism

Yellow has the remarkable ability to evoke feelings of warmth and positivity in our lives.  Painting your kitchen or dining space in cheerful yellows like Resene Golden Glow and Resene Bardot is like capturing the essence of sunshine indoors. Opt for a soft buttery yellow but if a full wall feels too bold introduce yellow through painted cabinets, accessories, or an accent wall. Yellows also work well with deep black shades like Resene Nero and Resene All Black.

Playful pinks for whimsy

Embrace a touch of fantasy and beauty. Pink paint can add a playful and whimsical touch to various spaces in your home. Imagine a home office with a blush pink accent wall – it instantly elevates the sophistication. The right pink paint can transform a room into a chic and whimsical haven. Try pastel pinks like Resene Ballerina and Resene Pink Lace, paired with a crisp white or black like Resene Black White or Resene Charcoal.

Regal purples for luxury

When aiming for a touch of luxury delve into the world of regal purples through paint. Shades like Resene Paua and Resene Séance can create an opulent and grandeur ambiance, while gentle lilac and lavender shades, like Resene Fog and Resene Perfume, bring a softer, more romantic touch. Pair these hues with metallic gold or silver accents to enhance the sense of glamour, or with classic white to create a serene and playful touch.

Contact our team if you'd like to discuss bringing some colour into your space, whether it's home or work. 


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