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Six reasons to try wallpaper

When people think about giving their home a new look, their first idea is to repaint it. While painting will undoubtedly look great, check out these six reasons to consider adding wallpaper to your interior too.

  1. New patterns

    It almost goes without saying, but one of the best reasons to choose wallpaper is for all the fantastic patterns it affords you. There is a huge range of design options, from traditional to modern, adults to children.

  2. Fun textures

    Another thing wallpaper can do is bring unique textures on the walls. This can be a good way to introduce something different to the room if you don't want to bring in a new pattern. You can combine texture with your favourite paint colour with a paint on anaglypta wallpaper finished in your favourite colour.

  3. Ideal for small rooms

    Bathrooms, laundries and other small rooms are often too small to dress up with decorations, which is why a fun wallpaper can be the simple answer. Don't go for anything too busy that overwhelms the room, and avoid darker shades that could make the space feel even smaller.

  4.  Cover imperfect walls

    Let's say you have an unsightly imperfection on the wall that you'd like to pretend isn't there. Wallpaper can save the day by creating smooth and fresh wall spaces that appear to be virtually flawless. If the wall is dented or out of shape in some way, a patterned design may further help to hide what you don't want to see.

  5. Create a certain style

    It's trendy to create a certain style in a home. Owners of older homes may wish to keep the house looking authentic. Choosing wallpaper with a design to suit the era and style of your home can help reinforce the the theme.

  6. For a big change - at a small price

    The overall effect of wallpaper can be a huge one. It can add character, make a room feel homely, offer the appearance of more space, or bedazzle with a bold statement in a strategic position (such as an entranceway). Usually, you might have to invest in furnishings or major renovations to create the same effect produced by the wallpaper.


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