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Resene Colour Trend - Greens Reign Supreme

​From fashion to interiors, there is no hotter hue right now than green.

From habitat plus - decorating and colour trends 2022

As recently as last year, it was lighter shades of sage that were the dominant variation, but there has been a sharp shift as greens have become less grey and instead have taken on far warmer and yellowed undertones. While paler celery greens, appetising avocadoes and lavish chartreuses are all relevant viridian varietals, it’s richly saturated and enticing olive greens that have come to the forefront of popularity. Distinctly comforting and cosy with strong roots in nature, it’s understandable why lush and leafy colours like Resene Olive Green, Resene Seaweed and Resene Woodland have become the most desirable for decorating as we try and seek solace in the midst of an increasingly complicated world.

Keep it light.

If you are worried olive, seaweed and army greens may feel too dark for your walls or floor, choosing a subtler green like Resene Pale Leaf or Resene Ottoman for your walls will bring a refreshing reminder of nature to your space and make it easy to accent or accessorise with smaller doses of stronger greens. Try painting a key piece of furniture, such as a sideboard, in Resene Clover or go full ‘cottagecore’ with a chequered floor in Resene Dingley and Resene Spanish White
for a light yet luscious green look.

Bluer blends.

While the most prevalent greens are warmer ones, there has also been a divergence of silvery sage greens shifting to take on bluer tones – with the best examples being Resene Thor and the appropriately named Resene Green Meets Blue. These soft grey greens carry distinct hints of blue that are easy on the eyes. Plus, they’re great for pairing with pops of cheerful colours such as chartreuse, toffee or bitter orange like Resene Billy T, Resene Toffee or Resene Moroccan Spice.

For a lighter grey green option, try mid-toned, calming and quiet Resene Norway. Or opt for bright and breezy Resene Paris White. These two hues are chameleons and can be warmed up or cooled down depending which neutrals you pair them with. For a toastier vibe, go for Resene Rice Cake or Resene Eighth Fossil. To keep things cool, try Resene Mako or Resene Sea Fog.


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