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Resene Colour Trend - Wonder

Playful & Summery

The Wonder palette reflects our desire to be less serious and welcome fun back into our lives. Colours are playful, summery and 80s-inspired. Together they create a dreamy and sentimental feel.

A world of excitement

There’s a sense of reawakening and celebration as we prepare to connect with friends, family and our everyday lives. The wonder palette allows us to introduce colours that bring joy and optimism back into our homes.

The bright colours evoke memories of carefree days and help us imagine possibilities going forward. The Wonder palette is a celebration and acknowledgement of what joy and inspiration we can discover.

Styling tip: Unexpected combinations emphasise the whimsical nature of this look.

Mix and match

Don’t be afraid to match your colours with different patterns and textures. Think quaint florals with eclectic colour and checks paired with sleek, contemporary furniture.

Needlepoint cushions and ribbed glass. Woven rattan furniture set against a wall of candy stripes. The furniture is sustainably sourced, handed down or made from recycled materials.

Styling tip: Adding flowers to spaces outside of the living room can enhance these areas and make them more welcoming.

Beautifully playful

The Wonder palette combines the deep turquoise green of Dulux Edvard with the clean Dulux Southern Alps to create a stunning backdrop. The patterned furniture and cushions provide a wonderful contrast and absolutely pop with fun and excitement.

Memories of carefree days

Tranquil colours can also be brought outside the home. A colourful exterior backdrop can help us view the world with a child-like enthusiasm.

Styling tip: Patterned planters and furniture pieces can add bright touches of colour to your outdoor area.


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