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How to add value to your home by painting and decorating

The ripple effect created by recent challenges has been hugely disruptive for decorating and design trends, given the massive interruption to global supply chains and the cancellation of significant fashion and design events.

This has opened things up to more opportunities for creativity. Decorators are taking matters into their own hands and creating clever and colourful solutions that are unique to their personal wants and needs, as well of those of their family, rather than being dominated by fast fashion and quick trend turnover.

Whether you're building new, moving or simply looking to redecorate your home to better suit your personality and lifestyle, here are a few quick and simple tips to create a more significant impact.

A fresh coat of paint

Let us begin with the basics. It is more likely your home will need a new, fresh layer of paint to give that high-quality finish and drastic improvement. When was the last time you had your home painted? Don’t start the year with stained and faded walls.

Opt for lighter shades

We love experimenting with colours schemes and adding character to the home. But, when discussing how to add value to a home, a lighter shade is usually the crowd favourite and pleaser.

Exploring off-white shades or other neutral shades such as beige, taupe, and lighter shades of natural hues will allow buyers or visitors to envision their own colours through furnishing and to accessorize or add artwork. 

Styling tip: soft neutrals and nature-inspired colours pair well with natural textures.

Pay attention to your windows

Don’t let essential factors and architectural features escape when painting and decorating. Windows are the opening to the exterior and will always be vital as we subconsciously focus on them with the help of natural light.

If your windows need replacing, ensure they are well-balanced and have equal sightlines. Double glazing will be the winning factor when increasing home value. Even a fresh coat of paint or highlighting the trim for colour will create a more modern and contemporary home. 

Plan a kitchen makeover

The kitchen is often the heart of a home, being a community space where you eat, socialise, or even hang out when needing a quiet area.

Small and effortless changes such as repainting unit doors, cabinetry and walls will immediately increase the value of your home, even adding some ‘Je-ne-sais-quoi’, by decorating a gorgeous splashback with contrast paint or tiling.

A freshly painted kitchen will create a significant impact.

Styling tip: combine moody hues with warm neutrals to create a feeling of warmth.


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